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Cursus Third 3D Bone Course

One-day hands-on course

The main goal of this one-day hands-on course is to practice and refine your temporal bone dissection skills.

Learning objectives:

  • You will have the unique opportunity to practice on a 3D-printed temporal bone as well as on a fresh frozen human specimen.
  • Every participant receives one 3D-printed temporal bone model and one fresh-frozen human specimen. The 3D-printed model can be taken home afterwards.
  • Ossicular chain reconstruction with titanium PORP and TORP can be performed in the human specimen.
  • Several different prosthesis models will be provided by Entercare.

Course faculty:
Mick Metselaar, Robert Jan Pauw,
Laura Veder & Marc van der Schroeff

Course fee:   
€500,- (Parking ticket, coffee, lunch, appetizers and drinks are included)
 has been requested (KNO)   
Data: March 31 or April 1, 2020 
Registration: Eduweb