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Cardiac CT, Introductory Course

Hands-on training course, Introductory course (2 days):

Mentored reading of 50+ CT cases with angiography/echo/MRI confirmation (towards ACC/AHA level 1 certification) on Siemens Syngo Via workstations (2 participants per WS), combined with practical, clinically oriented, interactive lectures on indications, data acquisition and image interpretation. The course language is English

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding and implementation of the relevant principles of cardiac CT imaging.
  • Application of tips and tricks to optimize data acquisition and interpretation, including contrast administration protocols, dose saving and comprehensive post processing.
  • Implementation of evidence-based cardiac CT applications in clinical practice.
  • Interpretation of coronary artery disease, bypass grafts and stents on cardiac CT

Accreditatie: NVVC, NVVR
Meer informatie: Cardio CT Course
Datum: 23-24 Maart 2020
Inschrijven: Eduweb