SkillsLab Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is a medical-technical training center where medical specialists, residents and (OR, IC) staff are trained in innovative skills. The courses are lectured by (medical) specialists, Dutch and foreign, and vary from basic laparoscopic and surgical skills to flexible endoscopy and nerve reconstructions.

At the SkillsLab you can count on a extensive grade of support in organizing and planning of your course during preparations and on the day itself.
We will assist you with:

  • Course content
  • Financial management
  • Participant registration
  • Accreditation
  • Audiovisual support
  • Catering

The SkillsLab has several state-of-the-art trainingfacilities that can be booked separately or in combination.

The SkillsLab provides the following facilities:

  • a large O.R.
  • a small O.R.
  • X-ray shielded room
  • Microsurgical lab
  • Conference room
  • Dissection rooms 

SkillsLab Erasmus MC is very proud of its renowned national and international faculty. We are collaborating  with the best professionals in their field to provide you with the high quality that we stand for.

SkillsLab Erasmus MC, founded in 2003, is located in the faculty building of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Jaap Bonjer, M.D., Ph.D. and Steven Hovius, M.D., Ph.D decided to build a training centre where specialists, residents and O.R. personnel could improve their skills and be informed about new and high-tech developments in the surgical world.
When presenting their plans to the Board, they convinced its members of the front office function of this lab and in September 2003 the building started.
In February 2004, the SkillsLab Erasmus MC was finished and we are proud to show you around.

The SkillsLab Erasmus MC could not have been realized without sponsoring. Our sponsors have generously agreed to furnish our operation theatre with the latest equipment and surgical instruments, so that our participants can get acquainted with the newest surgical instruments and the industries can learn from their feedback.


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