Surgical Anatomy Lab

In Rotterdam the two pillars of surgery: Skills & Anatomy are combined.


Divided by only one door, there is at one side of the department, the ultramodernly equipped surgical SkillsLab with OR’s for surgical training on living tissue (facilities for training on porcine models) and at the other side, the fully equipped dissection room is available for all our trainees.  


In our Rotterdam lab, surgical Anatomy is teached at its best. This lab is the ‘home’ of LISA (the Lowlands Institute of Surgical Anatomy), an institute that coordinates the national activities of Surgical Anatomy in the Netherlands.  

In our lab we invented and developed our own embalming technique. With this embalming fluid (AnubiFiX™) the embalmed bodies are embalmed completely, but at the same time stay flexible and supple. Scientific research has been performed on these specimen and there is only a small difference with fresh frozen specimen in flexibility and ‘tissue feel’.

This embalming method, combined with the use of FPP (Formaldehyde Proof Paint) makes it possible to make 3-D anatomical models of Laparoscopic Surgical Anatomy.


In these brightly coloured human anatomical specimen, it is possible to train your surgical procedures in real anatomical specimen; in a  ‘3-D Anatomical Atlas’.

Presently we have available models on Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia repair, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Laparoscopic Colorectal surgery.


In, for instance, the laparoscopic Hernia repair model, in these AnubiFiX™ embalmed, fully coloured specimen the trainee is able to practice the difficult motor skills necessary to correctly position the mesh in a complex three dimensional human anatomical environment. And perform this practice 10-15 times in only one hour.


Over the last 5-years we gained a lot of experience with surgical courses with AnubiFiX™ embalmed bodies like:


 foto anubifix

- TEP (inguinal hernia)

- Onco-plastic breast reconstructions 


- Hand-assisted and laparoscopic donor nephrectomies 


- Laparoscopic colon resection


- Skull base courses for neurosurgeons


- Total Knee and Hip procedures 


- Flap reconstructions