Laan, Luc van der

Luc van der Laan

Laan_200Luc van der Laan studied Biology at the University of Amsterdam and received his PhD at the Free University, Amsterdam in 1998 on macrophage receptors in phagocytosis and inflammation. He did a post doc at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California where he worked for three years on transplantation of human and pig pancreatic islets for diabetes studying the xeno-infectious  risk (Nature, 407: 90-94). In 2002 he became staff researcher at Erasmus MC-University Medical Center, department of Surgery, to continue research on transplantation and viral infections. Currently he is Associate Professor and Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Transplantation and Intestinal Surgery (LETIS). At LETIS a team of over twenty people perform research on organ injury, infection and regeneration in the context of organ transplantation. His own research team currently consist of two Post-docs, four PhD students, one technician and several under graduates. He trained many undergraduate students and is mentor of sixteen PhD students, of which many already successfully defended.

The main research interest is organ injury and repair in the context of organ transplantation. The research has a strongly translational character and aims to provide basic and applied knowledge to improve the outcome of patients with end-stage liver failure and organ degeneration. Graft quality ultimately determines transplantation success. We focus research on the utility of microRNAs as non-invasive biomarkers for hepatic and biliary injury in liver transplantation. Novel strategy to improve graft quality and regeneration involve machine perfusion and the use of hepatic mesenchymal stroma cells (MSCs). Our group was the first to identify and characterize MSCs in adult human liver. Recent work extends to characterization and use of human liver organoids (Cell, 160: 299-312). Therapeutic application of stem cells are limited by their inability to engraft at the side of injury (due to fibrosis, lack of appropriate niche, endogenous senescent stem cells and or inflammation). This can be circumvented by applying stem cells to a specific organ during isolated oxygenated machine perfusion. Organ transplantation could be an excellent setting to provide proof of concept by using grafts which are discarded for transplantation and explanted livers of recipients with different liver disease etiologies. Chronic viral infections, such as HCV, have great impact on world health and therefore represent one of the major challenges in medical science. Now human liver organoids are being used to study hepatitis virus infections in a highly controlled way (Figure).



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