Eerden, Bram van der

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Eerden_PasfotoBram van der Eerden studied biology at the University of Utrecht and he received his PhD at the Department of Pediatrics of the Leiden University Medical Center on hormonal regulation of longitudinal growth. He is now head of the Bone and Calcium Research group in the Erasmus MC Department of Internal Medicine with the focus to identify risk factors and novel treatment modalities for skeletal disorders.

Marjolein van Driel and Jeroen van de Peppel are the other senior scientists in this group, also being actively involved in the activities within Molecular Medicine.

The overall aim of the calcium and bone research group is to develop better diagnostics and therapies for skeletal disorders and disturbances in calcium homeostasis by a combination of molecular, cellular, animal, epidemiological and eventually clinical studies. Six integrated lines of research can be identified:

  1. Characterisation of molecular mechanisms of bone cell differentiation and of bone formation and degradation using human bone cell models by bioinformatics and systems biological analyses of gene, protein and enzyme activity profiles.
  2. Study the complex interaction between bone metastatic cancer cells and osteoblasts to identify new therapeutic approaches in bone metastases and potentially diagnostic profiles.
  3. Calcium homeostasis and skeletal metabolism in relation to ageing by analyses of experimental animal models, e.g. premature ageing mice, as well as human population research.
  4. Identification of regulatory signaling and transcriptional networks controlling mesenchymal stem cell renewal and lineage commitment.
  5. The role of osteoblasts and extracellular matrix in the stem cell niche with focus on improvement of bone regeneration and bone marrow transplantation.
  6. Identification of risk determinants for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis on basis of genetic epidemiological and serum proteomic studies within a.o. the Rotterdam Study and patient groups in the Erasmus Bone Centre.

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Selected publications
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