Cappellen, Gert van

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Gert van CappellenGert van Cappellen obtained his applied science degree (Dutch HTS diploma) in chemistry in 1980. In 1983 he started as a technician at Erasmus University Rotterdam (and later, Erasmus MC). Having worked for a while in the Anatomy department, where he investigated sex development in rats, in 1990 he joined the Erasmus MC department of Reproduction and Development (at the time known as Endocrinology and Reproduction). In May 1998, he obtained his PhD with his research project on ovarian follicle development in rats.

Besides computer support and research on apoptosis, from 1996 onwards Gert specialized in the development of confocal and other types of advanced microscopy within Erasmus MC, in collaboration with fellow researchers. At present, he trains and supports users, while taking care of the maintenance of existing and the purchase of new equipment, setting up new techniques and applying them to current research projects. In this way, he gives guidance to a number of researchers.

Gert van Cappellen is the initiator and chairman of the Erasmus MC - Optical Imaging Centre (OIC). Co-founders are: Adriaan Houtsmuller, Timo ten Hagen, Niels Galjart and Wim Vermeulen. In 2006 the OIC was reduced to three people: Adriaan Houtsmuller, Alex Nigg and Gert van Cappellen. The OIC remains one of the largest optical imaging centres for research within the Netherlands.

Gert van Cappellen leads a returning course on Laser Scanning Microscopy. Every year, he organizes the PhD-course ‘In Vivo Imaging’.


Erasmus MC - Optical Imaging Centre (OIC)



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