Project 9

Pharmacology of migraine

Migraine is a paroxysmal neurovascular disorder, which is 2-3 times more prevalent in women than in men.  Currently available drugs for the acute treatment of migraine all constrict cranial blood vessels, which most likely mediates their therapeutic action. However, since these drugs may also constrict peripheral blood vessels, including the coronary artery, there is a concern about cardiac side effects and these drugs are thus contraindicated in patients with cardiovascular disease.  We are investigating the neurovascular properties of prospective antimigraine drugs.  In addition, since migraine is a major cardiovascular risk factor, we focus on the (endothelial) vascular properties of migraine patients. Because migraine occurs more often in women and depends on hormonal fluctuations such as occurring around the menstruation, we focus on the effects of (changing levels of) female sex hormones on mechanisms implied in the pathophysiology of migraine.

Principal InvestigatorA Maassen van den Brink
Co-InvestigatorsAJJC Bogers, AHJ Danser, MF Dirven, MD Ferrari, AMJM van den Maagdenberg,  GM Terwindt
PhD candidateDS van Casteren , ALR Labastida, KM Linstra, AERB Rubio Beltran