Project 6

Genetic regulation of vasculogenesis and angiogenesis

Microvasculature in heart failure
This project focuses on the etiology of microvascular disease in relation to heart failure, in particular heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. The project is linked and imbedded in CVON RECONNECT, which aims to investigate the role of microvascular dysfunction in cardiorenal syndrome.

Pericyte-endothelial cell interaction in basic mechanisms of angiogenesis
This project aims to elucidate the molecular pathways involved in angiogenesis that are governed by pericyte-endothelial cell interaction. The project is partially financed by VIDI funding.

CECR1 function in macrophage differentiation in relation to tumor angiogenesis
In this project we aimed to study the role of CECR1 in regulation of macrophage phenotype in glioma and the paracrine contribution of CECR1 expressing tumor associated macrophages in tumor angiogenesis.

Principal InvestigatorC Cheng
Co-InvestigatorsDJGM Duncker, F Zijlstra, M Kros
PhD candidatesMM Brandt, I Chrifi