Project 31

Clinical epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases

In the past decades, significant improvement has been achieved in the management and outcome of patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD). Despite these developments, CVD still is a major cause of the loss of healthy years in The Netherlands: the annual number of fatal events is as high as 40,000. The burden of CVD is expected to increase in the decades ahead, and it is crucial to develop and improve CVD risk prediction instruments, and implement appropriate preventive and therapeutic measures. Traditionally, the assessment of CVD risk is based on global risk models. However, these models fall short, as they do not utilize contemporary knowledge on the pathophysiology of CVD. Project 31 is designed to improve CVD risk assessment and risk reduction in individual patients. Several concepts are currently studied: (multiple) CVD biomarkers, repeated biomarker assessment, cardiac imaging and dynamic risk modelling.

Principal InvestigatorH Boersma
Co-InvestigatorsKM Akkerhuis, JW Deckers, RT van Domburg, RJ van Geuns, JL Hillege, S Hoeks, I Kardys, MJ Lenzen, MD Levin, D Rizopoulos, V Umans, H Verhagen
PhD candidates

SS Anroedh, SJ Baart, JC van den Berge, V van den Berg, E Bouwens, N Bouwer, M Brankovic, N Buljubasic, RM Oemrawsingh, MM Schreuder, AS Schuurman, M Sunamura, I den Uijl, LC van Vark, M Vroegindewey