Project 30

Adult congenital heart disease

 In the Netherlands, 1 out of 100 children is born with a congenital heart defect. Due to improved diagnostics, management and care, more than 85% of these patients reach adulthood and nowadays there are 30.000 adults living in the Netherlands. Many of them have late complications, such as valvular dysfunction, arrhythmias or heart failure. In addition often surgical or catheter reintervention is necessary. Research in project 28 focuses on long-term outcome in these patients, both after surgical correction, interventional treatment or natural history. Special emphasis on psychological outcome, pregnancy and sports participation is important in this specific group of young adults. Also genetic research, imaging of the complex cardiac anatomy and aorta and biomarker studies are being conducted.

Principal InvestigatorsJW Roos-Hesselink
Co-Investigators H Boersma, AJJC Bogers, AE van den Bosch, JMJ Cornette,
WA Helbing,  JJM Takkenberg, EMWJ Utens, A Hirsch, R Budde
PhD candidateL Baris, VJM Baggen, L Bons, RWJ van Grootel, L Geenen, AT van den Hoven, C.G.A. Thijssen, A.L. Gökalp, R Sakhi, L Swart, A Wahadat