Project 3

The circulation, ventilation and ethics during multiple organ failure.

Critical illness often results in multiple organ failure. Sepsis is a common source and the syndrome affects the circulation and ventilation among other vital organ functions. The research around this typical intensive care syndrome is thus programmed around these topics, as can be deducted from the individual projects enumerated below. Research on the circulation in the syndrome focuses on peripheral perfusion, among others. New techniques, like CytoCam, based on Incident Dark Field (IDF), imaging laser speckle imaging and near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) have been studied for assessing microvascular perfusion in septic patients. In order to minimize inflammatory response in mechanically ventilated septic patients, a new lung monitoring device (Electrical Impedance Tomography) is used to optimize ventilator settings. Ultimately, the syndrome can be intractable, raising ethical issues on end-of life decisions.

Principal InvestigatorsJ Bakker, J van Bommel, DAMPJ Gommers, C Ince, EJO Kompanje
PhD candidatesS Akin, JPC van den Akker, M Egal, B van der Hoven, M Karami,
L Meijs, S Stads, Z Trogrilc, EN van der Zee