Project 29

Determinants of outcome of pediatric (congenital) heart disease

Treatment of congenital heart disease in early childhood has resulted in excellent survival in the pediatric age range. However, residual cardiac loading abnormalities and the effects of pre-treatment hypoxaemia may impair long term survival and quality of life. The project aims to identify early (bio)markers of suboptimal outcome following treatment in childhood and to develop new treatment modalities to improve outcome. Novel imaging methods and animal experiments are used for these purposes.

Principal InvestigatorWA Helbing, 
Co-InvestigatorsM Dalinghaus, B Bartelds, JAE Kammeraad, LP Koopman
PhD candidatesE van den Bosch, MH van der Meulen, JPG van der Ven, JJ Steenhorst, W van Genuchten