Project 27

Surgery aspects and clinical decision making in cardio-thoracic (including pulmonary) interventions

This project concerns outcomes research, risk modelling, decision making, innovative statistical analysis and health technology assessment of appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic measures in the area of cardio-thoracic interventions.
Technological developments in surgery (and interventional cardiology as well) and peri-operative/peri-procedural care continue to evolve at a rapid pace. In particular, the field evidence with regard to the treatment of coronary artery disease and cardiac valvular disease is rapidly expanding. The treatment evidence in thoracic and pulmonary disease (including transplantion) is moving as well.
One of the challenges for contemporary medicine is to apply evidence-based medicine and to rationally implement the available therapies in clinical practice, in the appropriate patients at the appropriate time. Current research includes outcomes research of complex aortic valve and lung cancer surgery, longitudinal statistical modeling on serial data such as cardiac biomarkers and echocardiographic measurements over time for the purpose of outcome prediction, the optimization of individualized prognosis prediction through the development of novel risk models, shared decision making studies in prosthetic heart valve selection, pediatric LVOT and RVOT surgery and NSCLC treatment selection, and cost-effectiveness studies of novel cardio-thoracic interventions. The results should support clinical decision making.

Principal InvestigatorAJJC Bogers JJM Takkenberg
Co-InvestigatorH Boersma
PhD candidatesD Abjigitova, CFJ Antonides, F. de Heer, LE de Groot-de Laat, SA Huygens, NM Korteland,
WJ van Leeuwen, APMW Maat, R Muslem, DJFM Thuijs, G. Papageorgiou, I.B. de Angst, K.M. Veen, C.G.E. Thijssen, A.L. Gökalp, A.P. Durko, M. Milojevic