Project 25

Endovascular Management of Aortic Aneurysms

Aortic pathology like aneurysms, dissections and traumatic ruptures were traditionally treated by open surgery repair. In the last decade, endovascular technology became available as a minimally invasive alternative. Like with all other new and innovative treatment modalities, results, especially long-term, are unknown and it remains unclear whether this minimal invasive treatment is beneficial for all patients or only for the ones declared "unfit for surgery". Furthermore, many uncertainties remain on the best indications for stentgraft placement: is it only advisable for aneurysmal disease or should it be used for all aortic pathology known to eventually lead to life-threatening dilatation of the aorta. If so, in what stage of the disease should it be used: as treatment or as prevention? Can it be seen as definitive treatment or will it turn out to be just a "bridge to surgery"? Within this project, many sides of this new treatment are being investigated.

Principal InvestigatorHJM Verhagen
Co-InvestigatorsJA Bekkers, F Bastos Goncalves, F van Lier,S ten Raa, MJE van Rijn
PhD candidatesJ Bekken, J Darling, JMW Donker, NF Gomes Oliveira, H Jongsma, G von Meienfeldt, JP Oliveira Pinto. S Klaphake, R Ferreira, R Varkevisser