Project 24

Molecular biology of aneurysm formation

In the basic research line 'Molecular biology of aneurysm formation' of the Laboratory for Experimental Vascular Surgery (LEVAS), the molecular processes that underlie aneurysm formation are investigated through close collaboration between the department of Genetics & Cell Biology and the department of Vascular Surgery. The goal of this translational research line is to decrease aneurysm related mortality and reduce the need for surgical intervention. Consequently, we focus on two research areas: 1) early detection of degenerative changes in the aortic wall, and 2) pharmacological intervention to treat aortic wall degeneration. To this end we make use of the scientific expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure of our research institute as well as the practical implications, anonymous patient data and bio-bank of the clinical research group. This intensive collaboration ensures innovative basic research based on clear clinical relevance. This research line is embedded in the Erasmus MC research schools Medical Genetics Centre South-West Netherlands (MGC) and COEUR in collaboration with among others the departments of pharmacology, cardiology, clinical genetics, bioinformatics and biochemistry.

Principal InvestigatorJ Essers
Co-InvestigatorsI van der Pluijm, AH Danser, DJGM Duncker, R Kanaar, HJM Verhagen
PhD candidatesJ Burger, N de Wagenaar, JI van Waning