Project 18

Intravascular ultrasound techniques

Intravascular imaging is momentarily highly focusing on characterizing the composition of the atherosclerotic plaque. Characterizing lipid content, plaque vascularization and thickness of thin caps are of particular interest. These characteristics discriminate a stable plaque from a rupture prone or vulnerable plaque. The latter one can cause myocardial infarctions or stroke.  Plaque vascularization is measured by intravascular ultrasound in combination with ultrasound contrast agents. Several strategies are developed to characterize lipid content. These are based on optical coherence tomography or combination catheters where light and sound are combined.

Principal InvestigatorAFW van der Steen
Co-InvestigatorsG van Soest, E Regar, J Daemen
PostdocV Daechin, T Wang
PhD candidatesL Cecchetti, S Iskander-Rizk, J Janjic,  R Pakdaman, MD Visscher