Project 17

Echocardiography: Transducers and image processing

Research focuses on novel ultrasound transducers and image processing for ultrasound, with a strong accent on novel 3D and high-framerate cardiovascular imaging. This includes matrix transducers, electronics and new beamforming for 2D and 3D imaging of the heart, the carotid artery etc. Cardiac shear wave elastography is an important topic. Moreover, image processing approaches for 3D image generation, 2D and 3D image analysis and quantification by segmentation, tracking and classification are pursued.

Current applications include improved real-time 3D TEE and 3D ICE imaging, 3D echocardiography analysis, myocardial stiffness assessment for diastolic heart failure, 4D mapping of flow in the heart, 3D imaging and analysis of plaque in carotid arteries, and monitoring and procedure guidance of electrophysiological interventions with 3D ultrasound. This COEUR project currently includes the MICA, PUMA, IMAGIC  4DFlow, 3D-ICE, EFFECTS and MIFFY projects. All of these are embedded within the Medical Delta framework and involve cooperation with TU Delft and/or Leiden University Medical Center.

The research is strongly aimed at fast clinical translation. The projects are all strongly governed by the demands and feedback of (tentative) clinical users within the Thoraxcenter and beyond. New technology is mostly developed on experimental research scanners, tested on phantom, ex-vivo and preclinical material, and tested on volunteers and patients with clinical systems as soon as this is feasible and allowed. Good contacts with ultrasound machine and transducer manufacturers assure a fast transition into commercially available equipment.

Principal Investigators JG Bosch, N de Jong,  AFW van der Steen, HJ Vos
Co-InvestigatorsML Geleijnse, A van der Lugt, T Szili-Torok, MD Verweij
PostdocsRS Bandaru, P Kruizinga
PhD candidatesD Bera, M Soozande, JD Voorneveld, J Kortenbout