Transcription Stress and Genome Stability

Unperturbed transcription of eukaryotic genes by RNA polymerase II (Pol2) is crucial for proper cell function. However, the DNA template of Pol2 is continuously challenged by damaging agents that can impede or block transcription. These transcription-blocking DNA lesions (TBLs) can cause Genoem stability, cellular dysfunction, senescence and apoptosis, eventually resulting in DNA damage-induced aging. Cells counteract these deleterious effects by transcription-coupled repair (TCR), which specifically removes TBLs thereby safeguarding transcription. My lab uses a combination of state-of-the-art live-cell imaging, advanced proteomic and genomic approaches to identify new proteins involved in this pathway and to obtain a better understanding of the molecular mechanism how cells cope with TBLs.

gepubliceerd: 19 april 2018

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