Yvonne Bastiaansen-Jenniskens

Assistant Professor

foto Yvonne Bastiaansen

Department of Orthopedics
tel. +31 10 7044626
email: y.bastiaansen@erasmusmc.nl


After obtaining my PhD in cartilage repair in 2009, my research shifted to examining the involvement of macrophages in orthopedic-related topics. This offered me the opportunity to set-up my own research group that currently consists of several PhD students, 1 post-doctoral researcher, and 1 technician. We are investigating the involvement of macrophages in osteoarthritic processes and cartilage repair using mouse models for osteoarthritis and cartilage repair, and culture systems using synovial explants, macrophages, synoviocytes, mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs), and fibroblasts. Next to the chondrogenic differentiation of MSCs, we are investigating the use of MSCs for tissue repair and the interaction of these MSCs with macrophages. Within my Erasmus MC fellowship that started in 2017, we are investigating the role of monocytes and macrophages in osteoarthritis.
As biomaterials are often used in regenerative medicine, including in Orthopedics, my Veni grant from NWO/STW that started in 2012 allowed me to start investigating the response of macrophages from healthy and diseased individuals to biomaterials.
In all of the above-described projects, we are also investigating the possibility to modulate macrophage phenotypes aiming to inhibit inflammation and osteoarthritis progression, and promote tissue repair.

The Group


Group picture, with from left to right: Niamh Fahy (post-doctoral researcher), Serdar Çapar (PhD-student), Nicole Kops (technician), Tim Wesdorp (PhD-student), Yvonne Bastiaansen-Jenniskens (principle investigator), and Mauricio Ferrao Blanco (PhD-student).