Welcome to our research department

The research we perform is aimed at establishing individualized treatments of patients with solid tumors that are highly effective and show least side effects. Our ambitious vision:“The treatment of an individual with cancer is determined by specific characteristics of that individual patient, the cancer cells, and their micro-environment, and needs to be constantly adjusted according to the changes observed in these characteristics”.

Our research activities are organized into different divisions (organogram):

  • Translational Cancer Genomics and Proteomics to establish prognostic and predictive markers according to molecular traits of tumor cells
  • Translational Pharmacology to study the pharmacology of drugs involved in anti-cancer treatment to individualize the dose of individual patients
  • Translational Onco-Immunology to understand how the tumor micro-environment contributes to immune evasion, and explore strategies to enhance the responses of tumor-specific T lymphocytes
  • Clinical Trials to explore the clinical value of treatments suggested by preclinical findings
  • Palliative and Supportive Care to determine and optimize factors that affect patients’ quality of life.

Importantly, clinical and preclinical studies show complementary activities. Our preclinical studies allow adequate interpretation of current therapies and development and testing of new treatments. The activity and safety  (a combination) of new treatments are tested in a vast number of clinical trials, results of which feed again into our preclinical studies to warrant continuous optimization of treatments. Finally, and to increase the quality of life of patients, we implement and further improve palliative and supportive care.

To accommodate preclinical studies, our department has 8 main research groups:
Breast Cancer Genomics and Proteomics (PI: John Martens)
Integrated Genomics of Treatment Resistance (PI: Els Berns)
Hereditary Cancer (PI: Maartje Hooning)
Personalized Medicine (PI: Ron Mathijssen)
Tumor Immunology (PI: Reno Debets)
Early Clinical Trials (PI: Maja de Jonge)
Experimental Systemic Therapy of Urogenital Cancers (PI: Ronald de Wit)
Palliative and Supportive Care (PI: Karin van der Rijt)


gepubliceerd: 30 mei 2016

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