Studies on side-effects

Systemic therapy will not only cause effects on the tumor, but may unfortunately also cause adverse events. The most common side effects will be found during drug development,  but more rare side effects may be discovered later by carefully screening patients during daily clinical care.
For example, we found that cancer patients who were suffering from allergic rhinitis did not experience any allergic effects any more since they were treated with sunitinib. We discovered the mechanism behind this observation (Eechoute et al, J Clin Pharmacol 2011). In addition, we found that sorafenib may cause hypothyroidism by a sorafenib induced destructive thyroiditis (van Doorn et al, Thyroid 2011).


Recently, we showed that capecitabine may cause fingerprint loss, which is not associated with hand-foot syndrome (van Doorn, JAMA Oncol 2017).