Members of the Personalized Medicine group

Names of the members of the Personalized Medicine research group.

Ron Mathijssen, MD PhD, Professor, PI
Stijn Koolen, PhD, hospital-pharmacist and clinical pharmacologist, post-doc
Roelof van Leeuwen, PhD, hospital-pharmacist, post-doc
Sander Bins, MD, PhD, internist in training
Andrew Goey, PhD, pharmacist, post-doc
Florence Atrafi, MD, PhD student
Leni van Doorn, nurse practitioner, MANP, MSc, PhD student 
Femke de Man, MD, PhD student
Bodine Belderbos, MD, PhD student
Edwin Basak, PhD student
Koen Hussaarts, MD, PhD student
Daan Hurkmans, MD, PhD student
Louwrens Braal, pharmacist, PhD student
Marijn Veerman, PhD student 
Ruben van Eerden, PhD student
Nikki IJzerman, MD, PhD student
Wesley van de Geer, PhD student
Mirjam de With, MD, PhD student
Karlijn de Joode, MD, PhD student

Peter de Bruijn, Ing, senior research technician Lee Towers opening lab
Inge Ghobadi-Moghaddam Helmantel, research technician
Mei Lam, research technician
Robert Porrazzo, research technician
Carla Willink, research assistent
Bimla Soman, analytical assistent
Joris Veraart, MSc student
Ayoub Lalouti, MSc student
Raji Singh, MSc student
Sanne Buijs, MSc student

Front Office team:
Tanja van Dijk, medical student/ coördinator
Lieke Seuren, medical student
Joris Veraart, medical student
Marien van der Stel, medical student
Niels Heersche, medical student
Stijn de Man, medical student
Jessica Holster, medical student


All drug concentrations are measured at the "Lee Towers" laboratorium. The laboratorium is named after this famous Dutch singer for his work as an ambassador for the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute.