Seminars 2009/2010

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21 June 2010
Karin Tarte, INSERM, Rennes, France
Follicular Lymphoma cell niche: A highly complex cell interaction network

17 May 2010
Mark Pepys, University College London, London, United Kingdom
Therapeutic targeting: a tale of three proteins

19 April 2010
Anne Galy, Genethon and INSERM, Evry, France
Entering a gene therapy clinical trial for Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome

14 April 2010
Pierre Fenaux, Hematology department Hopital Avicenne, Paris, France
Treatment directions and developments in MDS

30 March 2010
Sanjiv Luther, University of Lausanne, Epalinges, Switzerland
Fibroblasts of secondary lymphoid tissues: key players in homeostasis and adaptive immunity

15 February 2010
Juan Bueren, CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain
The relevance of cell reprogramming in Fanconi anemia

8 February 2010
Markus Manz, University Hospital Zürich,  Zürich, Switzerland
Divisional dynamics of hematopoietic stem cells

18 January 2010
Steffen Jung, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
In vivo origins and functions of mononuclear phagocytes

14 December 2009
Christian Buske, Institute for Experimental Tumor Research, Ulm, Germany
Leukemic stem cells with lymphoid characteristics in AML: lessons from murine models

16 November 2009
Radek Skoda, University Hospital Basel, Basel, Switzerland
The role of JAK2 mutations in the clonal evolution of myeloproliferative disorders

19 October 2009
Olivier Bernard, Hôpital Necker, Paris, France
Mutations in TET2 in human myeloid malignancies

8 October 2009
Marc Raaijmakers, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
Osteoprogenitor cells in hematopoietic disease

1 October 2009
Tsvee Lapidot
The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Dynamic interactions between the nervous and immune systems with the micro-environment, regulate normal and leukemic human stem cells.

14 September 2009
Hans Snoeck, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA
Quantitative genetics of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells